Enrolment Guide for New Students - February 2017 intake

Congratulations on your success in gaining a place in Monash University to study for the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) course. There are a number of choices to be made in the selection and sequencing of the units of the first year of your choice. These can be easily resolved by following the notes in this section.

Taking into consideration the pre-requisites, co-requisites, core units and recommended electives, the following is the recommended enrolment for the February 2017 intake students:

Semester 1 / February 2017 Semester 2 / July 2017
ENG1001 Engineering design: lighter, faster, stronger ENG1002 Engineering design B: cleaner, safer, smarter

ENG1060 Computing for engineers

ENG1003 Engineering mobile apps 

ENG1005 Engineering mathematics

ENG2801  Leadership and innovation
Select one of the electives below:  Select one of the electives below:
ENG1081  Physics for engineering
CHM1051  Chemistry 1 Advanced
MAT1830  Discrete mathematics for
                 computer science

CHE2161  Mechanics of fluids
ECE2072  Digital systems
ENG1021  Spatial communication in engineering
MEC2404  Mechanics of fluids
TRC2001  Introduction to systems engineering
FIT1045   Introduction to algorithms and programming

Students are required to adhere to the units recommended for the first year.  Students are not permitted to enrol in other units unless written permission is granted by the First Year Coordinator.

The units recommended for the February 2017 intake students who intend to major in different disciplines are given below:

Chemical Engineering – CHM1051, CHE2161
Civil Engineering – ENG1081, ENG1021
ECSE – ENG1081, ECE2072
Mechanical Engineering – ENG1081, MEC2404
Mechatronics Engineering – ENG1081, TRC2001
Software Engineering – MAT1830, FIT1045

Note: Availability/offering of elective units will depend upon sufficient enrolments.

If you have queries concerning the unit/enrolment matters, you may contact the First Year Coordinator, Dr Pooria Pasbakhsh, at pooria.pasbakhsh@monash.edu or phone +(603) 5514 6211.

Course Enrolment Form

Submission of the Course Enrolment Form is compulsory to ensure that your enrolment is recorded in the student database. Please download the Course Enrolment Form (February 2017 intake) and submit the completed form to the Course Management Office, School of Engineering, Building 5 Level 4 by 22 February 2017.

New students who have been granted credits based on prior studies should make an appointment to see the respective Discipline Head/First Year Coordinator as advised in the Letter of Credits issued.  After seeking course advice from the Discipline Head/First Year Coordinator, they are also required to submit the Course Enrolment Form with Credits to the Course Management Office, School of Engineering.


Upon receipt of the Course Enrolment Form, the School of Engineering will enroll the units for the new students.  Once the units are enrolled, new students will be able to view their timetable allocation via Allocate+.

Further information

Details on unit/subject is available at http://www.monash.edu/pubs/handbooks/

Academic calendar

Orientation week (February 2017 intake): 20 - 24 February 2017
February/Semester 1*: 27 February – 26 May 2017

Note: In the University calendar, February semester is Semester 1 and July semester is Semester 2. The full list of principal and important dates is available on the University webpage.