Virtual and Interactive Technologies for Adaptive Learning (VITAL) provides opportunity for academics to enhance the student learning experience by solving challenges in teaching and learning through virtual and other interactive technologies. 


VITAL aspires to

  • hold teaching and learning quality as our primary focus enhanced by the use of technology
  • be recognized for its expertise in the application of technology in teaching
  • establish effective teaching pedagogies using virtual and interactive technologies

Staff Members

Dr. Vineetha Kalavally (Leader, Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering, First Year Engineering units)
A/Prof. Rajendran Parthiban(Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering)
Ms. Poovarasi Balan (Chemical Engineering)
Mr. Khoo Boon How (Mechatronics Engineering, First Year Engineering units)
Dr. Lim Jen Nee (Mechanical Engineering)
Dr. Amin Talei (Civil Engineering)
Dr. Eysin Chew (IT)
Dr. Varghese Swamy (Better Teaching Better Learning)


  • Virtual Electronics Laboratory
  • Virtual Interfaces for Engineering Labs
  • Better Teaching Better Learning
  • Smart Learning Suite

Research Students

Ramesha Widhanalage Indeewarie Soysa, PhD
Project Title: Virtual Interface Technology Adaptation Lab
Supervisors: Dr Rajendran Parthiban, Dr. Darwin Gouwanda, Dr. Arosha Senanayake



23rd September 2011

Technology that removes the limitation of time and space

KDU University College

Khoo Boon How

29th July 2011

Tablets in Teaching

KDU University College

Vineetha Kalavally

19th July 2011

Tablet PC Induction Workshop 2011 Semester 2

Monash University Malaysia

Khoo Boon How

3rd, 4th, 6th  May 2011

Tablet PC Induction Workshops 2011 Semester 1

Monash University Malaysia, LT 5001

Khoo Boon How

12  July 2012

Interaction-Oriented System for the VITAL Framework

Monash University Malaysia, Classroom 9301

Ramesha Soysa

12th April 2012

Virtual Interface Technology Adaptation Lab

Monash University Malaysia

Ramesha Soysa

11th September 2013

Virtual Interface Technology Adaptation Labs for Electrical and Mechanical Units

Monash University Malaysia

Ramesha Soysa